Brookfield's COVID-19 Status Moves to ORANGE, Rapid Increase of Cases in School System

ALERT! Brookfield's COVID-19 status has moved to ORANGE. 

Click here for the COVID-19 Data Tracker.
Please remain vigilant about the recommended health protocols - face coverings, social distancing, and/surface cleanliness, and travel.
We want to keep you informed, while not overusing the system, and will send updates during the flu season. You can read the latest COVID-19 update here.
We thank the more than 1,800 users who registered, but we would like to see more, so please tell your neighbors. You can sign up by clicking on the CodeRED icon on the bottom of the main page on the town website.
Health Department
The Brookfield Health Department has detected a rapid and significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the school system: students, their families and staff. Reported numbers from the state and news media do not accurately reflect the situation in Brookfield. This is because of the nature of and delays in reporting positive cases from the various testing sites. In addition, a number of cases include school employees and their families, who may have been forced to quarantine. This sends our real numbers to potentially dangerous levels. To date, we have no documented spread in the schools, but we must exercise extreme caution and follow the science. That means moving temporarily to remote learning, curbing congregate gatherings and some sports activities, for example. 


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