COVID-19 Vaccines in Brookfield: A Special Program on Friday, January 15

COVID-19 Vaccines in Brookfield:
A Conversation with Maureen Farrell
Friday, January 15 at 6:30 pm on Zoom

Everyone has questions on the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in Brookfield. Join us on Zoom for a presentation by Maureen Farrell, COVID-19 Disease Coordinator for the Brookfield Health Department, on the current status and protocols for the vaccine. Her presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

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The Town of Brookfield has published a list of FAQs on the COVID-19 vaccine, which you can find here: 

About the Presenter: Maureen Farrell is leading two projects for the Town of Brookfield: 1) the volunteer effort for ContaCT Tracing and 2) preparing for the Town COVID-19 vaccine clinics and program rollout. Farrell has a Masters in Public Health and has been working in the Greater Danbury Area for the last 10 years promoting community wellness and chronic disease prevention through program planning and implementation.


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