Meet Brookfield Resident Max Porter, HamletHub Summer Intern!

Editor’s note: We are thrilled to welcome Max Porter to our team as a summer intern! Max is a rising senior at Wooster School and a resident of Brookfield. Let me tell you, this young man is a go-getter! How many 16-year-olds travel to the Capitol to lobby for the ban of Chlorpyrifos? He also comes to us on the heels of an internship with Senator Will Haskell. Here at HamletHub, in addition to writing and editing, Max is lobbying for something a bit different -  a sister series to our Why Small Businesses Matter called "Why Local Nonprofits Matter". We are excited to work with Max!

Hello! My name is Max Porter and I am a rising senior at Wooster School in Danbury, Connecticut. I have been helping HamletHub with operations as an intern since the beginning of July 2021. The main task that I have worked on is making the Why Local Nonprofits Matter series more prominent by finding a sponsor and contributing. 

Journalism is a vehicle for change and HamletHub is a testament to that. As an intern, I want to create an informed and less divided community by writing and producing advanced news articles and podcasts about things I am passionate about, build a program to connect politicians and the people that they represent, and continue to give the voiceless a voice through what I create.

Outside of my HamletHub internship, I am very involved in doing what I love and with my community. I am an avid contributor to Wooster School’s student publication site, WiNK, through articles and the publication of my news podcast. I also am engaged in many community service organizations such as Wooster’s Social Impact group and Full Court Peace. Additionally, I find that there is a missed opportunity for young people to get involved in politics and create change. Therefore, I try to immerse myself in the business through internships and lobbying as much as possible.

I run varsity cross country and play varsity tennis, lifeguard in my neighborhood (what a gig, right?), have lived on Candlewood Lake my whole life, am a big rock n roll guy, and am a big brother to two younger boys. A fun fact about me is that I memorized the 44 presidents at age 8. 

Keep on the lookout for my upcoming work; I hope you enjoy receiving it as much as I love sharing it.

Check out Max's series of Podcasts HERE.



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