Key considerations when choosing a Spine Specialist

The OrthoConnecitcut Spine Team strives to help patients get back to doing what they love. Patients often seek treatment when they have debilitating pain or they realize they aren’t able to do the things they love. It’s important not to wait to get help when you have pain in your back or neck. However, it is equally as important to be sure you find the right spine specialist to treat your specific situation.

There are a few key questions to consider when researching who is the right specialist for you to see.

Be sure the spine specialist you choose is board-certified and fellowship-trained in spine care. This means that the physician performed an additional year of training specializing in caring for the full range of spine conditions. Even if you don’t think your problem is major, it’s important to have a knowledgeable physician with exceptional expertise evaluate your issue. Make an appointment with a highly-trained spine surgeon and you’ll be on your way to recovery.

It’s important you connect with your physician. Be sure you feel as comfortable as possible with the physician you choose and be sure they take the time to answer your questions. Bedside manner is an important piece of your journey towards health. You’ll want to trust and depend on the physician you will be working with.

Lastly, you want to make sure the spine surgeon you choose is trained in the most recent advancements and techniques available. Nowadays, a surgeon can use minimally invasive techniques to treat many conditions which help aid the recovery process and patient outcomes. You’ll want a physician who has been trained in the latest techniques and who has performed these surgeries many times before.

OrthoConnecticut spine surgeons, Dr. Abiola Atanda and Dr. Justin Paul, care for simple to complex issues of the cervical and lumbar spine, for patients of all ages. Both physicians are fellowship-trained surgeons schooled in the latest minimally invasive spine techniques.

If you have pain in your neck or back, call the practice to set up an appointment at 203-797-1500. 

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