Register for the IHS Virtual Summer Enrichment Program

Immaculate High School’s Virtual Summer Enrichment Program gives all middle and high school students an opportunity to learn and grow over the summer. It will also provide extra instructional time for students during this unique period.

Classes are offered to students entering Grades 7 - 8 and those entering grades 9-12. You do not have to be an Immaculate High School student to take these courses. 

Upperclassmen classes include in Introduction to Advanced Logical Reasoning in Geometry, Fundamentals of Algebra, Reading, Writing & Language: Strategies for the SAT and College Prep Essay. Other courses include Math Readiness, Intro to Biological Science and Summer Reading and Grammar Review.

All classes will happen online through Immaculate High School’s virtual summer school program. Go to https://www.immaculatehs.org/academics/summer-at-immaculate to see the course descriptions and learn about the class times/schedules, instructors and cost of each class.



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