Brookfield Town Beach to Open on June 26

In today's Brookfield Spotlight, First Selectman Steve Dunn informed the community that the town Beach will open on June 26 with limited number of attendees to meet the distancing rules.

Details will be posted on the town website early next week.

Dunn also said the Greenway is open for walking only and masks "must be worn. "To start there will be no running allowed along with a ban on bicycles, scooters and skateboards. This is to ensure the safety of our residents and to allow the maximum number of people on the Greenway," he said.

Parks and Facilities in Brookfield

Dunn said that the Board of Selectmen has met to review the plan to reopen our parks and facilities gradually over the coming weeks, balancing our desire to enjoy them with the need to keep everyone safe. We will follow the guidance of our Director of Public Health, the State, and our Emergency Management team. Details on each facility are available on the town website also. These are subject change as we work towards fully opening the entire town," he said.

All tennis courts are now open using USTA guidelines and picnic benches are now available at our parks. 

Please watch the town website for news about our other facilities.



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