Due to rise in COVID cases, Brookfield Town Hall closed to public

Due to the rise in COVID-19 infection rates, Town Hall offices will be closed to the public and open by “appointment only” visits from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. To ensure safe behavior and social distancing are maintained, we encourage residents to contact departments by email or phone, if possible, as an in-person visit may not be necessary. Most transactions can be handled by mail, email or phone. Please see the department phone listing on the town
website for department phone numbers.
We have been updating you regularly in a number of ways. Please see my Update #37 on COVID-19.
For State resources and information, visit ct.gov/coronavirus.
CDC Information – This Holiday Season Do What’s Best for you and your Loved Ones – click here.
CISCA Holiday Online Safety Tips - click here.
The town has seen a dramatic uptick in Covid-19 positive cases in the last few weeks. The Health Department is seeking everyone’s cooperation in reducing our infection rate. If we do not, there may be forthcoming extensive business closures throughout the state by Governor Lamont, by Executive Order. Under a declared emergency, such executive orders have the force of law.
Each business was required to register with and sign a self-certification agreement through the State Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), if it chose to remain open during the pandemic. The agreement bound a business to legally obey the Sector Rules issued by the DECD, and more importantly, required businesses and individuals to be bound by the Governor’s Executive Orders, or face significant fines and penalties, up to and including business closure.
Executive Order #7NNN requires that ALL individuals wear a face covering in public, unless exempted for medical reasons. In the latter case, an exempted individual must carry evidence of such exemption from a licensed healthcare provider, on his/her person at all times while in public.
The Health Department stresses the serious nature of the pandemic and its devastating effect, particularly on our most vulnerable populations. And we seek your complete cooperation with enforcement of sector rules and executive orders in the interest of keeping all of Brookfield residents safe from exposure during this most difficult time.
The Health Department is seeking licensed active and retired nurses, other healthcare providers and EMTs qualified to give injections who would be willing to volunteer their services in providing vaccinations against Covid-19 to our Critical Work force and to those at high risk for contracting the disease. Vaccinations could start as early as late December and extend into the spring. Please call the department at (203) 775-7315, if you are willing to offer your services.


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