Candlewood Lake Drawdown to Fall Additional 1-1.5ft For Zebra Mussel Control

Thanks to the ongoing collaboration between the Candlewood Lake Authority and FirstLight Power, the deep drawdown will likely fall another 1-1.5ft to increase possibility of eradicating zebra mussels. Exposure to the air and freezing temperatures is one of the best ways to kill living zebra mussels. While we cannot be certain that every mussel will be exposed to the air during the deep drawdown, additional coverage will help ensure as many are exposed as possible.

Before the end of February, expect to see the lake level decrease a little further (to 418' elevation, the lowest possible level for a "deep drawdown year"), helping to manage any mussels that would otherwise have been able to survive safely under the water.

We want to thank FirstLight for their willingness to discuss this strategy with us, and will continue to work with them, along with the community, and all other Candlewood stakeholders to help protect the Lake from invaders! Thank you again also to all the members of the community who have searched, and continue to search, the shoreline for signs of zebra mussels. (To add your search to our map, visit our reporting form HERE).

Join our scientists Neil Stalter, Director of Ecology and Environmental Education, and Steve Kluge, Chair of the CLA Watershed Committee, to learn more about these invasive species, as well as how you can get involved.

Thursday Feb. 18th at 7pm via ZOOM.

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Check out the Candlewood Lake Authority Zebra Mussel info page by clicking HERE.


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