Afghan Artists Join Brookfield Craft Center's art community

Brookfield Craft Center is pleased to welcome to our artist community Matin Malikzada, Gul Ziwar Awrang and Alibaba Awrang. These artists, resettled in our area from Afghanistan, are internationally renowned for their exceptional and captivating artistry.

Mr. Matin Malikzada is a seventh-generation Afghan master of traditional pottery, internationally recognized for his technical skill and elegant designs. A native of Istalif, Afghanistan, once a vibrant center of ceramic art and commerce, Matin was forced to flee Afghanistan following the recent Taliban takeover. Along with his family, he is now resettled in Northwest Connecticut where he continues his journey as an artist. 

In Afghanistan, Matin served as head of the Ceramics department at Turquoise Mountain Institute and has exhibited his work internationally in institutions such as the Smithsonian, Philadelphia Art Museum, Buckingham Palace, Japan International Museum, and Davos. 

Mr. Alibaba Awrang is a globally esteemed Islamic Calligrapher whose work has been exhibited worldwide. In love with the art form from an early age, he was attracted by the beauty and colors of calligraphy, one of the most alluring of Islamic arts. Mr. Alibaba Awrang is passionate about his work and teaching others to find that same passion inside themselves.

Ms. Gul Ziwar Awrang produces magnificent traditional Afghan needlework in dresses, shirts, pillows, belts, and bags. She is an expert weaver and produces beautiful and intricately sewn decorative pillows.

Brookfield Craft Center will be working with each of these artists to provide opportunities for the community to explore their exceptional craftsmanship through exhibitions and sales of their work in our Gallery as well as providing programs where the community can learn their techniques in our studios.

The first of these opportunities is in our Ceramic studio where beginning July 2nd, Mr. Malikzada will be offering a 5-week course where students will learn traditional Afghan methods and centuries-old decorative techniques. Go to www.brookfieldcraft.org for more information.



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