Democrat Pearson Announces Run for State Representative in the 107th

Daniel Pearson Announces Candidacy for State Representative in the 107th Assembly District

Brookfield, CT: On Monday, Democrat Daniel Pearson announced his candidacy for state representative in a room full of supporters. He is running in the 107th district which covers Brookfield, and parts of Bethel and Danbury.

“It is truly an honor to announce my candidacy for State Representative for the 107th district,” Pearson stated Monday. “I decided to run for this seat because I believe that the Democratic party in our state must become the party that advocates for working and middle class families again. In both my professional career, working at a non-profit that provides free afterschool and summer programs for underprivileged kids, and my personal time volunteering for different organizations, I have seen firsthand the negative impact of our state’s struggles on residents’ lives. I want to be part of a new group of representatives that prioritize people over party, and I will go to Hartford with the goal of making our government work for us.”

Brookfield First Selectman Steve Dunn praised Pearson’s candidacy Monday night. “Daniel is very well-versed on the issues and would make an exceptional advocate for this district in the Capitol,” Dunn said Monday. “The problems we are facing in Hartford are no secret, and we need to elect candidates like Daniel to help turn our state around.”

Brookfield DTC Chair, Laura Orban, also applauded Pearson’s decision to run on Monday night. “Daniel is exactly the kind of thoughtful and intelligent candidate that this district needs and we know that he would deliver for us in Hartford,” Orban said Monday. “He has dedicated his entire life to public service and helping others and we know that he will bring those same values to the job of State Representative.”

Pearson was raised by a single mother in an impoverished neighborhood in Central Florida, and has dedicated his life to public service. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in Political Science, and went on to pursue an MPA focused on social policy and urban development from American University. A fierce community advocate, he has spent his entire professional career with non-profits in program development and implementation. Daniel served two years with AmeriCorps working on education and health inequities in low-income communities, as well as leadership development programs for federal employees in Washington, DC. Daniel currently works for a non-profit in Norwalk that provides free afterschool and summer programs for underprivileged kids.  


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