Daniel Pearson Kicks Off Campaign with Volunteer Day of Action

This weekend, friends, family and supporters of Daniel Pearson knocked doors and made phone calls as part of his campaign launch. Daniel Pearson is the Democratic candidate running for state representative in the 107th assembly district, which covers Brookfield and parts of Bethel and Danbury.

“Having over twenty supporters come out to help with our campaign is humbling and it shows that people here in Brookfield, Bethel, and Danbury are ready for change,” Pearson said on Tuesday. “While speaking with folks about what matters most to them, it is clear that people agree we need to do more to alleviate the unfair financial burden that our current taxes are putting on our working families, we need to do more to protect our funding for schools, and we need to do more to grow our economy. This simply isn’t being done currently and I am ready to be that proactive voice for our communities in Hartford.”

“I came out to knock doors for Daniel today because he has a message that deserves to be heard,” said volunteer Shannon Klesh. “He is a thoughtful and incredibly driven person who has spent his life fighting for everyday people and he is ready to take the next step and represent us in Hartford.”

Daniel Pearson is a fierce community advocate who has spent his entire professional career in non-profit program development and implementation. Daniel served in AmeriCorps, was a community organizer in Danbury focusing on public health issues, coordinated leadership development programs for federal employees, and currently works at a nonprofit that provides free afterschool and summer programs for underprivileged kids. He is also the Vice Chairman on Brookfield’s Housing Authority. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in Political Science and holds a Master of Public Administration from American University.


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