Brookfield Declared Disaster, Schools Closed, Residents Urged to Stay Home

First Selectman Dunn has declared Brookfield a disaster after a storm ripped through town yesterday. All Town offices are closed. Schools are closed. "Everyone, please stay home as we have many downed trees and power lines.  We need the roads clear for emergency services personnel," says Town of Brookfield.

Town of Brookfield held a Press Conference early this morning. Below is a synopsis of the Press Conference.

Emergency and utility crews worked from the onset of the storm until approximately 3:00am. 

During the overnight hours, our objectives were to begin house to house wellbeing checks, work with Eversource CTBrookfield Public Works and emergency crews to clear paths for emergency vehicles and to gain an overall view of the extent of the damages.

Numerous mutual aid departments responded from Litchfield, Hartford and Fairfield Counties.

Fire/EMS and State of CT resources operating in Brookfield overnight included:
• 1 Engine Company Strike Team
• 1 Rescue Company Strike Team
• 1 EMS Strike Team
• USAR - State of CT Urban Search & Rescue
• 1 ATB/UTV All-terrain vehicle Strike Team
• Fairfield Country Coordinators
• Litchfield County Coordinators
• CT West Incident Management Team
• State of Connecticut DOT

Over 160 emergency personnel from over 20 different agencies assisted in operations.

As of 6:00am new crews have arrived and operations are continuing until access to all affected areas has been gained. Using ATV/UTV is currently the only way to get around the hardest hit areas of town.

Crews from Massachusetts and New Hampshire are on their way and will be put to work as soon as they arrive.

Afterlife safety, opening all road is our priority. After access to all roads has been gained, crew will work to restore power. Please understand that we expect this to be a multi-day event. We are in the process of opening a shelter in town for showers, electricity needs and things of that nature. We will advise where this shelter is located once we determined opening it is feasible.

The Still River Greenway is CLOSED until further notice.

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