COVID-19 Outbreaks in Connecticut, Reduced Risk for Vaccinated People

Governor Lamont and Public Health Acting Commissioner Gifford express concern over COVID-19 outbreaks, highlight the reduced risk for vaccinated persons

Governor Ned Lamont and Dr. Deidre Gifford, acting commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Health and senior advisor to the governor for health and human services, are expressing concern with recent COVID-19 outbreaks among vaccinated and unvaccinated persons in Connecticut:

  • A birthday party took place in June with about 50 attendees, resulting in 16 cases of COVID-19 in the subsequent week. The birthday party started outdoors and then moved indoors. Unvaccinated attendees at this party were four times as likely to test positive than those who were vaccinated, with a total of 6 cases among 33 fully or partially vaccinated attendees and 10 cases among 13 unvaccinated attendees. Four cases were hospitalized as a result.
  • A summer camp of about 50 campers and about 20 staff members experienced a COVID-19 outbreak in July with 13 identified cases among campers. All staff have been vaccinated and no cases have been identified among staff. The campers are 11 to 14 years of age and their vaccination status is unknown.
  • A total of 28 Connecticut residents have been identified as COVID-19 cases associated with an outbreak in Massachusetts, having traveled to Provincetown (26) or having had contact with a case that traveled two Provincetown (2) in July. A total of 26 (93%) of the cases were fully vaccinated. None of the cases were hospitalized.

The Department of Public Health reminds Connecticut residents that social gatherings with a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated persons should be outdoors. Indoor gatherings should include masks. Unvaccinated children are susceptible to COVID-19 and should get vaccinated before school starts.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals at high risk for complications from COVID-19 – including those with compromised immune systems, diabetes, asthma, other lung diseases, pregnancy, or obesity – should avoid large, indoor gatherings that may include a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Vaccination remains the most important defense against illness and hospitalization from COVID-19. So-called “vaccine breakthrough” cases have occurred in Connecticut, but they remain rare. Most hospitalizations and deaths in Connecticut and around the country are in unvaccinated individuals. The Department of Public Health strongly recommends that unvaccinated individuals get vaccinated as soon as possible to help stop the ongoing spread of the Delta variant.

To find a vaccination site in Connecticut, visit ct.gov/covidvaccine.


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