Brookfield Police Canine Locates Missing Juvenile

On December 27, 2021, at approximately 1:15 PM, the Brookfield Police Department Canine Unit was requested to assist a neighboring police department in locating a missing juvenile. Officer Kyek and his partner, K-9 Major, responded to the scene.
Upon their arrival, officers already on the scene said that the juvenile had gone for a walk and had now been missing for approximately two and a half hours. With the juvenile’s cellphone at home and no other way to track the juvenile’s location, K-9 Major was quickly put to work. K-9 Major was successful in locating the missing juvenile, uninjured, approximately a half-mile away from the residence. The juvenile was assisted home by patrol units and reunited with family.
Brookfield Police Department is proud to offer our assistance to neighboring towns, as they have gratefully always offered to assist us.
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