Putnam Service Dogs featured by Carmel Cinema on August 11

Saturday, Aug 11th, 12-5pm, at premier weekend of Dog Days movie. 

One dollar from all ticket sales of the new movie, Dog Days, throughout Saturday, August 11th, will be donated to Putnam Service Dogs by Carmel Cinema. Dog Days is a PG movie, directed by Ken Marino, about loveable dogs that change their owners’ lives in unexpected ways when both humans and dogs cross paths in Los Angeles. Putnam Service Dogs, along with some of their pups in training, will be in the lobby of Carmel Cinema, 12-5, Saturday, August 11th, to celebrate the opening of Dog Days.

Putnam Service Dogs is a 501(c)3 NY State nonprofit corporation, based in Brewster, that provides free, highly trained service dogs to people with physical disabilities other than blindness, including hearing alert dogs. They adopt mixed breed puppies from rescue organizations to turn into highly trained service dogs.

Carmel Cinema is an 8 screen theater located in the Carmel Shoprite Plaza, Rte 52, Carmel, NY.




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