To Be Seen or Not to be Seen, the Mechanics of Success as an Artist

To Be Seen or Not to be Seen

Saturday, March 16, 10:30 am to 1:30 am


The Mechanics of Success as an Artist

March 16 and March 23

To Be Seen or Not to be Seen, the Mechanics of Success as an Artist

Led by artist, author, dealer and gallery owner, Tony Carretta, this 2 session workshop will highlight the obvious and subtle mechanics of finding success in the various art environments available to artists.

Defining success and creating an environment of artistic gratification will be examined and the challenges of both internal and external resistance to finding fulfillment and creating opportunities.

Sessions are to be held March 16th and 23rd from 10:30 - 1:30 PM.  Payment is for both sessions.

Tony Carretta

Tony Carretta, is an artist and gallery owner who has been involved with major New York galleries for over 25 years. Carretta’s work can be found in a number of major collections such as the National Gallery, The Smithsonian, The Corning Museum and The White House. His gallery has shown works from noted American and European artists such as Sol Lewitt and Bernard Chaet. These rich experiences of being both a successful artist and gallery owner have provided him with a deep understanding of the art gallery industry. His book, Studio to Wall: The Commerce of Art was just recently published.

$90.00 General Admission
$80.00 Member Admission



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