Annamarie Evans Exhibits Verisimilitude at the Kent Public Library

A collection of watercolors and drawings entitled "Verisimilitude" by Annamarie Evans will be on display at the Kent Public Library throughout the month of September.  This collection depicts her growth in artistic expression and skill as she navigated through various mediums. These pieces are an assembly of works from projects created for art classes she took at SUNY Oneonta, where she recently graduated after studying Psychology and Studio Art.  She is now working at the Kent Public Library, and studying Library Science. 

During her schooling, Ms. Evans realized that she gravitates towards compositions that consist of ordinary or mundane items. She appreciates that there is both simplicity and complexity in everyday objects, and capturing their essence is a quality that she likes to express in her work. In connection to simplicity, her ideal artistic style is realistic and has photographic accuracy. Using charcoal on brown paper has been her favorite method for developing realism as it creates dramatic and lifelike recreations of shadows and highlights. Watercolor has challenged her to achieve that same ideal, but in a completely different way, which has been both frustrating and rewarding. It is much more difficult to create details and be precise with watercolor, but the vibrancy and texture brings a different element of realism that charcoal cannot.


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