Warning! This is your summer window! Do not miss it!

I have heard of Kripalu for years, and decided that this would be the summer I would finally spend a weekend there.  As a life coach I remind others that self care is the only answer to lead a sustainably joyful life.  Practicing what I preach is my challenge.  I actually booked this in May when it became evident that I may not get any vacation time this summer.  This has happened to me in the past.  As September neared, I would panic knowing that my window had shut until December.  Somehow summer was over before it started!
Can anyone relate to this?  I finally realized that nobody was going to suggest that I take some time off.  I have worked in salons for years as a hair colorist.  I now do both coaching and hair color. (Yes, I even invite my clients to participate in coaching tools if they are willing.)
In the salon world, it is never easy to book a last minute vacation without canceling lots of frustrated clients.  In the coaching world, it is all about being proactive and planning the life you want- rewards included.
The good news is that I got to Kripalu and have the last week of August off.  Everything I set my intention for came to fruition.  And this was very much the lesson shared by the presenters, Mike Dooley, author of "Notes From the Universe" and Lorna Byrne, author of "Angels in My Hair".  They both have many books to their credit, but these are their most recognizable ones.  Their course was called "Using All of Your Angels: How to Live Deliberately with Spiritual Guidance".  
I so enjoy accessing all sources of positive energy.  Yet somehow I had never sought full out angel work. One could say I dabbled in angels. I was long overdue.
The messages were profound, multi layered and boil down to three major points.  
1. We do not ask for enough support here among earthlings or from powers beyond our scope.  Angels are there to help even if you do not believe in them.  There are so many unemployed angels waiting to help you with the most menial tasks.
2.We have the power to change absolutely everything in our lives.  There are no tests.  We are not being tested.  We are exactly who we are supposed to be.  The key is to move.  Move in a direction with an intention.  Even if you have to work a sucky job, go do it.  Get out of bed.  Do your best in that sucky job and keep looking for a better opportunity.  Hone your skills.  Bathe frequently. Go lightly on the garlic.  Learn to make good impressions while at the sucky job. Knock on doors even if it is uncomfortable.  Oprah, Bradley Cooper and Simon Cowell are not going to call you. 
Looking for love? Ask someone for their number if you feel a twinge in your stomach.  Get out there.  You have to go out and take baby steps. Just like Bill Murray in "What About Bob?" The universe will support you.
3.  All there is is love. Love is all there is. Tell people you love them every day.  Accept love from others.  It is the glue.  If you are not feeling it, you can begin now.  It is never too late.  There is a reason we hear this everywhere.  Read "Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl" if you cannot hear it from angels and all of the greatest love songs.
There was so much else!  Three points barely scratch the surface. Mostly I am grateful that I booked this weekend and still have a week off.  It is not a month in New Zealand or a tour of Italy, and it was remarkable.  Stop waiting until everything is huge and perfect and two weeks or more.  Making the beautiful in between parts of your life a priority will never be a waste. That is where the joyful life resides.  In the spaces between.
Oh, and yes, I met my Guardian Angel.  His name is Philip and he wears pink.  What's not to love?

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