NY State Fall Foliage Report, Week Ending Nov 2,

Beautiful peak fall colors will be emerging in the Finger Lakes and throughout portions of the Hudson Valley this weekend, while near-peak and peak colors will arrive on Long Island, according to volunteer observers for Empire State Development’s I LOVE NY program. I LOVE NY defines "peak" as the best overall appearance the foliage will have during the season, considering color transition, brilliance, and leaf droppage. Foliage change has been uneven this season and travelers may find that some areas classified as peak and near-peak contain an abundance of green leaves.

In the Hudson Valley, peak foliage is expected in the Poughkeepsie area of Dutchess County, with 80% color change, and bright, brilliant yellow and orange leaves, along with spots of red and green. Orange County foliage will be at peak in Newburgh with 80% color change and average to bright red, orange and yellow leaves. Peak conditions are also predicted in the Cornwall area, where spotters expect 50% leaf transition and varying shades of muted-to-average yellow and orange, plus areas of remaining green. Putnam County reports from Cold Spring expect near-peak conditions with 50% of the leaves displaying brilliant red, yellow, and orange colors against the shrinking sea of fading green. A few of the trees have started to drop some leaves providing a colorful and crunchy blanket on the ground. Along the Taconic State Parkway, Route 9 and Route 301 are picturesque, with about 75% foliage change dominated by brilliant golden yellow leaves, and a scattering of red and orange.  

Rockland County spotters in New City anticipate near-peak foliage with 75% color change and bright green, red, orange, and yellow leaves. Look for midpoint to near-peak conditions at Bear Mountain State Park with 60-65% change and varying shades of red, yellow, and brown, along with some droppage. Near-peak foliage continues in Westchester County this weekend, according to volunteers in White Plains. Look for 65% color change and mostly muted green, red, and yellow leaves. Columbia County observers in Hudson expect past-peak conditions with 90% color change and bright yellow and gold leaves, and significant leaf droppage.

To view an interactive map of fall foliage across NY State and read Foliage reports for all of NY State, visit the I Love NY Fall Foliage Report Website.


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