Michael Zeilnhofer Presents Neptune at Kent Library

On Monday, August 29th at 6:00p, Michael Zeilnhofer presents another interstellar program at Kent Library on Neptune. 

Neptune was a crucial planet in the evolution of our solar system as it interacted with the primordial scattered disk. This icy body led us to the understanding of areas beyond our line of sight. This presentation will detail the formation of this magnificent planet, the atmosphere, interior, the Great Dark Spot, and evolution of its orbit.

A glimpse at some smaller bodies, including the moons, will also be discussed.  

This program is being conducted in a HYBRID format - meaning you can attend in person OR view it virtually. 

The Kent Library is located at 17 Sybil's Crossing off Route 52 and can be reached at (845) 225-8585 or www.kentlibrary.org.   



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