Yoga Crave is a much needed Yoga sanctuary in Brewster

A much needed Yoga sanctuary is open for business in Brewster.
Nestled inside Milltown Office Park on Route 22 in Brewster.
YOGA CRAVE is open and offers a quaint atmosphere to learn and practice Yoga.
We offer Gentle Hatha Yoga classes as well as a more dynamic style of yoga known as Vinyasa.    We keep our classes accesible, mindful and safe.   We understand that Yoga is not cookie cutter and that each individual needs personal attention to guide them toward their version of each pose.   Students that come to our classes become friends.   Theres a great sense of welcome here, belonging.  You become a part of a community.
Our classes are based in a foundation of utilizing ancient yogic techniques that enhance your practice and keep you grounded and focused.   Staying grounded and focused is something we don't normally do all day, but with yoga practice now becomes the norm.  Through dedication and patience, Yoga will transform your inner world to create a better outer experience.
We all are in need of yoga, you are all welcome to participate in our classes.    Often, those who want to try yoga are held back and perceive yoga as something else, something only some people can do, or something unattainable.   Owner and Instructor Laura Papps says:  "I'm here to show you that you are able, and how simple a yoga practice is to intergrate into your life and how the benefits of practicing yoga enhances all that you think, say and do."  
"Yoga will not make you more flexible.  But it will help you to either strengthen and maintain,  or increase your current range of motion.   
Yoga will not make you lose weight.  But it will build muscle and tone your body.   And the benefit of that is when you feel better, you look better, you eat better."   
What Yoga will do for you life,  is create a solid foundation for you to gracefully act and react to your environment.  From a place of discipline, mindfulness and self love. 
If you are dedicated to another form of activity.  Yoga is a great side dish to your already existing exercise regimen.   Whether you go to the gym, participate in strength training classes, bike or run.   Yoga will compliment your routine, and help you maintian range of motion.  As well as help prevent injury, by cultivating mindful presence.   When we are aware of what we are doing, injury in sports and other actives are significantly reduced.  
Our New Student Start Up is just $35 for 15 days of unlimited classes.  You can try them all and decide which class is for you.   Get a feel for the space and the instructors.    Other services we provide are Reiki, both treatments and trainings.   Massage Therapy, and a monthly Meditation.   We also offer private in studio sessions and can arrange to come to your home if you prefer.   
We suggest that you view our "live" online schedule located on our website and reserve your class through our secure online system.   If you prefer to just stop by without reserving, please email us first to avoid any possibility of a schedule change that you may be unaware of.  
YOGA CRAVE is located at:
1456 Route 22, Suite A103
Brewster, NY 10509
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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