Mill Street Bridge in Putnam Valley to Reopen on Nov. 30th

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell announced today that the Mill Street Bridge in Putnam Valley is scheduled to reopen on November 30.

“Replacing the Mill Street Bridge has been a priority of the Putnam County Highway Department since severe deterioration was identified on the bridge in 2017,” County Executive Odell said. “We know that the construction has been an inconvenience, and we thank the residents of Putnam Valley for their patience. Our highway department always puts safety first.”

Unforeseen manufacturing delays slowed down the project and set the planned completion date back by about six weeks.

After two plant fires and COVID-19 impacts slowed the manufacture of pre-cast bridge panels, the highway department had to find another concrete plant that was able to take on the job.

“The plant we found in Kingston was the only manufacturer out of 20 plants we researched that could adjust their schedule to accommodate the Mill Street project,” said Fred Pena, commissioner of the Putnam County Highway & Facilities Department. “I would like to thank the entire project team for their quick thinking and problem solving. They are the reason drivers in Putnam Valley will be able to safely cross the reconstructed Mill Street Bridge by the end of the month.”


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