A Starry Night at Carmel High School

It’s a starry night in the art hallway at Carmel High School with the recent addition of artwork from a Personal, Academic & Community Experience (PACE) Program art class with teacher Danielle Marino.

 In true Carmel form, the art project was an extension of a lesson in the student’s regular academic classes. Each week, students in Erin Appelle and Allison Woolston’s classes review current events through News2You, an online newspaper designed for students with unique learning needs. A recent article that the student’s reviewed highlighted a new Van Gogh immersive experience museum exhibit – and from there, the Van Gogh art project was born. 

Under Marino’s guidance, students had the opportunity to create their own interpretation of Van Gogh’s most famous painting, Starry Night, using an array of materials. First, students created backgrounds using paint and then added a moon and stars using watercolor paints and oil pastels.  

“I liked using the oil pastels because they blended the colors,” said senior student Kate Smith. 

The oil pastels also helped replicate the textured appearance of Van Gogh’s famous work. 

Once their backgrounds were complete, students used special stickers to make the stars three-dimensional.  

“I liked when I did the stars and I like that they are bright,” remarked sophomore student Kayla Federico. 

The project was the perfect opportunity to reinforce the current events lessons and help bring the concept of the museum exhibit to life without having to leave the Carmel High School building. 

The artwork is currently on display in the art hallway for all to see, and Marino urges everyone to stop by and immerse themselves in the Carmel High School Van Gogh exhibit! 

See more photos of the students creating Van Gogh art by clicking here!


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