Maloney Statement on LGBTQ Pride Month

LGBTQ Pride Month, recognized nationally throughout June, commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and celebrates the LGBTQ community’s fight for equality. In honor of Pride Month, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) released the following statement:

“As the country re-opens and we are once again able to convene with friends and family, Pride Month offers a unique time for the LGBTQ community to celebrate who we are and the progress we have made. 

“The first Pride was a riot. It was an explosion of desire for equality and justice that sparked a worldwide movement. For over fifty years, that spark has pushed us forward as we continue our fight for equal rights under the law. May this month serve as a reminder that the spark is still alive. We must continue to march on. It is imperative that the Senate follow the House’s lead and pass the Equality Act to secure equal rights for LGBTQ Americans everywhere. We cannot stop until this landmark legislation is the law of the land.

“There is more work to be done, but we must also rejoice in the victories as they come. I wish all of the LGBTQ community a happy and safe pride. May we stand united and strong in celebration of our identity this month and every month.”

Rep. Maloney is the first openly gay Member of Congress from New York, and the highest-ranking LGBTQ member of Congress in U.S. History. After 22 years together, Rep. Maloney married his husband, Randy Florke, in June 2014 in Cold Spring, NY, where they live. They have three children. Rep. Maloney currently serves as co-chair of the Equality Caucus.