Kent Planning Board Agenda July 12, 2018

Meeting:           July 12, 2018 (Thursday, 7:30 PM)

  • Approve Planning Board  Minutes from June 2018
  • John Murtaugh                                Public Hearing/Erosion Control Plan/                  Review

1250 Peekskill Hollow Rd,,NYWetland Permit/Subdivisison/


  • Fregosi Property                              Erosion Control Plan/                                         Review

Kentview Dr., Kent, NY                               Public Hearing 

  • Roncallo Property                            Erosison Control Plan                                        Review

Tibet Dr., Kent, NY

  • Robert Davis                                   Lot Line Revision                                              Review

1155 Barrett Circle W., Kent, NY 

  • Biben Property                               Request to Release Erosion Control Bond           Review

146 Knapp Rd., Kent, NY

  • John Kelly                                       Request to Release Erosion Control Bond           Review

Deer Hill Ct., Kent, NY 

  • Patrick O’Mara                               Request to Release Erosion Control Bond           Review

Woodland Rd.,Kent, NY

  • Alou Construction                            Request to Release Erosion Control Bond           Review

Dean Rd., Kent, NY

  • SSEL Corporation                           Request to Release Erosion Control Bond           Review

Dean Rd., Kent, NY

  • Route 52 Development/                   Erosion Control/Site Plan                                   Review

Peder Scott Project

Route 52, Kent, NY

Permit Applications Review (Applicants attendance not required/Workshop Discussion):

  • Ryder Property                               Erosion Control Plan/Wetland Permit/                 Status Report

170 Waywayanda Ct., Kent, NY

  • Ultimate Auto Detailing                   Site Plan/Change of Use/                                   Status Report

94 Route 311, Kent, NY                           Sign Approval

  • Major Property                                Erosion Control/                                                Status Report

16 Westleigh Court, Kent, NYWetland Permit 

  • Auto Craft                                      Amended Site Plan                                            Status Report

146 Hill and Dale Rd., Carmel, NY 

  • Raneri Property                               Erosion Control Plan                                          Status Report

Hillside Paper Rd., Kent,, NY

TM:  44.24-1-3

  • Boccia Property                              Erosion Control Plan/Wetland Permit                  Status Report

Beach Court, Kent, NY

  • Realbuto                                         Erosion Control Plan                                          Status Report

49 Tiger Trail, Kent, NY 

  • Dogward Bound                              Erosion Control/                                                Status Report

461 Richardsville Road, Kent, NYSite Plan/Accept Bond

  • Putnam Nursing &                          Erosion Control/                                                Status Report

Rehabilitaition Center AdditionWetland Permit

404 Ludingtonville Road, Holmes, NY 

  • Rodriguez/Olson                              Subdivision                                                        Status Report

104 Smalley Corner Road, Kent, NY                                               

TM:  21.-1-10         

  • Von Rosenvinge Property                Erosion Control Plan                                          Status Report

451 Pudding St., Kent, NYfor In-Ground Swimming Pool


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