The New York State Independent Redistricting Commission Public Hearings start this week

The New York State Independent Redistricting Commission is about to embark on a series of public hearings throughout New York State, starting on Wednesday, October 20th in Buffalo, New York. These fourteen hearings provide the public with an opportunity to participate in the redistricting process and deliver testimony directly to the Commission.

As the Commission begins these hearings, all New Yorkers, stakeholders, and interested members of the public are invited to share their feedback. We encourage all to find the hearing closest to their community and join us, either in person or virtually, to let their voices be heard. In the meantime, all are likewise encouraged to visit our website (NYIRC.gov) to submit written comments, including creating a map pointing out important areas within your respective communities.

 “We need your help. This process will only work with the input of all New Yorkers. Tell us about how our proposed maps reflect or don’t reflect your communities and how we can change them for the better. We cannot draw maps that accurately reflect your communities if we do not hear from you,” said Commission Chair David Imamura. 

The draft redistricting plans the Commission has released are exactly that, and public input is a necessary part of this process in order to ensure that the Commission’s final plans accurately reflect communities. This redistricting cycle is a historic one, as it is the first to take place under an independent commission. We look forward to hearing from New Yorkers as this once-in-a-decade process moves forward. 

The full schedule for the public hearings is attached. Please note the room change for our New York County hearing on Wednesday, November 10th and Kings County Hearing on November 16th.

White Plains

Monday, November 8


Haub School of Law at Pace University

Gerber Glass Moot Courtroom

78 North Broadway

White Plains, New York 10603


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