Putnam County Community Health Survey: You Talk, We Listen

Community Health Survey: You Talk, We Listen

Department of Health and Putnam Hospital Request Public Input


The Putnam County Department of Health and Putnam Hospital Center are asking residents to complete a brief community health survey known as the “community asset survey.” Residents are being asked what they think are the greatest strengths of the community and where the gaps exist so resources can be directed adequately to develop a healthier community. Over 200 people have expressed their views, but everyone who lives or works in Putnam County is encouraged to voice their opinions.

 “Community health improvement is most successful when it is driven by direct community input” explains Commissioner of Health Michael J. Nesheiwat, MD. “This is why we encourage all community members to participate.” The health department and Putnam Hospital Center collaborate with public health partners to analyze resident feedback alongside an array of socio-economic factors. The result is an accurate community health assessment and subsequent Community Health Improvement Plan.

From start to finish, the survey has five, easy-to-answer questions that can be completed in five to ten minutes. Utilizing a wide-ranging list, the survey asks respondents to identify the county’s greatest strengths as well as to help pinpoint where the county should focus improvement efforts.  Dr. Nesheiwat reminds, “Community health is not defined by medical diagnoses alone. Crime levels, clean environment and transportation access all contribute to the overall health of a community.”

The quick and anonymous survey is on the homepage of the Putnam County website at www.putnamcountyny.com and will run until May 31. The direct link is: https://tinyurl.com/Community-Asset-Survey-2019. Putnam County businesses and other organizations that wish to ensure their employees’ opinions are counted can contact the health department at 845-808-1390 or are encouraged to email the survey link directly to their employees.


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