Kent Police Department Conducts Alcohol Compliance Checks

A series of two alcohol compliance checks were conducted over a two week period of time to check
the integrity of businesses in the jurisdiction of the Kent Police Department. The goal of the compliance checks is to monitor on-premises and off-premises retail establishments to ensure individuals under the age of 21 are not able to purchase alcohol.

On September 9, 2021, officers conducted checks on 17 retail establishments. The Kent Police Department utilized an “agent” under the age of 21, who had the overall appearance of an individual who could be 21 years of age.

The subject entered each establishment, bearing no form of identification, and attempted to make an illegal purchase of alcohol. The agent was advised that if they were questioned as to their age to state “21” and NOT to engage in any attempt to coerce the store employees to make the sale. Of the 18 establishments, one establishment was out of compliance. Employer and employee education and training resources and a verbal warning were given by the Kent Police Department to the one establishment that was out of compliance.

The following retailers were in compliance: Boyds Corner Deli, Mobil Gas Station (245 Route 52) McCarthy’s Restaurant, Sinclair Gas Station, Gino’s Deli, Twisted Vine and Spirits, Lake Carmel General Store, La Familgia Restaurant, Three Brothers Restaurant, Kent Liquors, Sunoco Gas Station, Mobil Gas Station (1338 Rt. 52), Gappys, New Grace Chinese Restaurant, Gino’s Grab and Go, and Carmel Beverage.

The Kent Police Officers returned to the establishments on September 20, 2021 with educational materials and resources from the New York State Liquor Authority, compiled by the Carmel Communities That Care Coalition.

The Officers conducted an additional compliance detail to the same 17 establishments and all 17 establishments were found to be in compliance.

The professionalism and educational outreach by the Kent Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Kevin Owens, is an example of excellent community policing practices. The Kent Police Department demonstrated support of our local businesses, while ensuring the protection of our youth during the challenging time of COVID-19.


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