Westchester SPCA Matching Gift Opportunity

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Westchester is looking for help. Thanks to their wonderful friends at Sidewalk Angels, founded by Grammy-winning artist Rob Thomas, all donations made now through September 30th will be matched up to $20,000! But wait, there's more!

Inspired by Sidewalk Angels, our generous friend Kate, in memory of her father William E. Griffin, is matching gifts for another $10,000!

That brings our TOTAL MATCH up of $30,000!

Animals like Nova, will be one of the lucky recipients of your generous gift. This sweet, happy go lucky girl was playing in her owner's yard when she made an innocent mistake that almost cost her her life. No one was willing to speak up on behalf of Nova and admit to what had unfolded, but the aftermath was clear-someone shot her, twice, at close range after she crossed over onto the neighbor's property.

Shortly after arriving at the emergency vet, one of the SPCA's rescue partners reached out and asked us if Nova survives, would the SPCA take her in. Of course our answer was, yes! She has a long road ahead but has such an amazing disposition despite all that she's been through.

Nova and others like her depend on us every day which is only made possible through gifts from animal lovers like you.

Your kind support will also help animals like Millie, who was rushed into the SPCA for urgent care after being found alone outside, crying in distress and extremely dehydrated.

Upon arrival Millie was immediately given iv fluids and the SPCA veterinary team worked diligently to get her body temperature down, as she was extremely overheated and very lethargic. Within a few hours she started to gain strength and perk up, which allowed the staff to breathe a sigh of relief.

However, our relief was short lived. It quickly became apparent something else was wrong. Millie's poor little body was trembling and her head was shaking, periodically. We believe she was born with a neurological disorder. She is not in any pain but will require further tests. Millie never would have made it if she'd been left to fend for herself outside in this condition.

Your gift will help animals like Nova and Millie who depend on us for survival and will help twice as many dogs and cats now through September 30th. A donation at any level will get us one step closer to reaching our Matching Gift goal for the SPCA animals!


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