Memorial Soccer Jamboree in honor of Casey Taub on Tuesday, August 29

Memorial Soccer Jamboree on Tuesday, August 29

Come watch Greeley Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer Teams take on other regional teams in honor of Casey Taub!

8:15 am Opening Ceremony

8:45 am Games begin on all 4 fields

The Casey Taub Memorial 22:22 soccer jamboree was started after Horace Greeley boys varsity soccer lost Casey Taub, who passed away July 2017 after his sophomore year from a Glioblastoma, a fatal brain tumor.  Casey’s team # was 22. 

The first home game after his passing was organized to honor his memory.  In front of a large crowd who were standing to clap during the 22nd minute of the first half, Greeley scored at exactly 22:22 on the scoreboard.  That time was incorporated into the title for the soccer jamboree.

The jamboree asks teams who attend for a small donation and merchandise and snacks are sold that day with all the money donated in Casey’s memory to The Matthew Larson Foundation for Pediatric Brain Tumors (www.Ironmatt.org ).   This foundation in addition to funding research grants also provides direct financial assistance to families who are dealing with treating their children’s brain cancer.

*Information courtesy https://www.teamup4community.org/



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