New Castle COVID-19 Update

The Numbers: Growing Towards the Apex

As reported by the Governor yesterday, there are 102,863 positive cases of COVID-19 in NYS, an increase of 10,482 over yesterday. Westchester County has 12,351 positive case with an increase of “only” 784 since yesterday. To contextualize our numbers in Westchester, two weeks ago there were 1,091 positive cases in the County. Nassau and Suffolk Counties have edged closer to our aggregate but increased at a higher rate of 1,437 and 1,408 respectively during the past 24 hours.

Currently, 418 County residents are hospitalized, which at 3.4% is a low percentage compared to the State average. We have more than 3,000 hospital beds in Westchester, and the County is working to increase the number of beds. In total, there have been 71 fatalities in Westchester and 2,935 statewide. Over 40,000 residents in Westchester have been tested.

In addition to the above statistics, NYS reported earlier today that there are currently 14,810 hospitalizations across the state, an additional 1,427 since yesterday. Of these, 3,731 patients are in the ICU which is 335 more than yesterday. Fortunately, there have been 8,886 discharges, increasing by 1,452 during this same period.

Although we have not received an update to our daily statistics, as of Thursday, April 2nd, there were 52 confirmed positive cases among New Castle residents. 

Yes, the numbers are still alarming, but Governor Cuomo unequivocally made it clear he will do what is necessary to protect New Yorkers:

“I'm going to sign an executive order that says the state can take ventilators and PPE from institutions that don't need them now and redeploy them to other parts of the state and other hospitals that do need them. Those institutions will either get their ventilator back or they will be reimbursed and paid for their ventilator so they can buy a new ventilator.”

There is still work and concerning times ahead, but NYS will continue its efforts no matter what needs to be done within our power and ability.

Stay Home. Stay Safe: Flatten the Curve.

On Wednesday afternoon, Supervisor Pool and other Northern Westchester Town Supervisors had the opportunity to participate in a zoom meeting with Derek Anderson, Executive Director of Northern Westchester Hospital. He gave us some statistics that we would like to share with you.

  • As of Wednesday, there were 56 COVID-19 patients in Northern Westchester Hospital. 
  • Test results now take 8-24 hours
  • There are approximately 15-25 people per day coming into the ER, most are positive for COVID-19, but they are sent home to self-isolate and are not admitted to the hospital.
  • The ER is open for regular patients. All COVID-19 patients are met at the door and use the triage doors, not the main ER entrance so that regular non COVID-19 patients can remain separate.

While Derek exudes calm confidence in the planning and preparation of NWH to respond to the community’s needs, he said this: “Please, please, please practice social distancing, so that we can avoid having to make uncomfortable end-of-life decisions about hospitalization and treatment.”

Your New Castle Town Board cannot stress this enough: stay home, stay safe, save lives!!

Social Distancing Part I: Taking Responsibility & Action

Officials from every level of government and residents of every community have voiced it loud and clear. If you leave your home, you must remain no less than six feet away from others. If you fail to do so you are not only inconsiderate and selfish, but you are potentially devastating those you love. Each one of us has a responsibility and parents must lead the charge. Make no mistake. You must sternly advise your children of the consequences of failing to adhere to this guidance. While the Penal Law may allow for an arrest and the issuance of a summons, know that the New Castle Police Department will respond to complaints of violations, break up loitering in close proximity and take the appropriate steps to ensure our collective safety.

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