SUNY Launches a Grant Program for Personal Protective Equipment Inventors

The SUNY Prepare Innovation and Internship Program will provide $10,000 for students and faculty who want to develop innovative alternatives to the PPE our frontline workers need as they continue the fight against COVID-19. Applications are open to students and faculty at all SUNY state operated and Community College campuses and SUNY is accepting applications through November 15th. The first grant will be awarded December 15th. 
The new seed grant program will support SUNY faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students in developing new and innovative solutions to COVID-19 challenges or the next infectious disease through applied learning and research experience, supporting the successful and safe operation of SUNY campuses.

Proposals are invited from multidisciplinary SUNY teams of faculty and staff. Students participating in these projects must be selected by those faculty and staff who lead the projects. The projects should focus on exploring and creating solutions, including but not limited to: novel and alternative personal protective equipment (PPE); creative devices, technologies or designs to reduce the use of high-touch areas; environmentally sustainable sanitization; and arts, messages and technologies for effective implementation of social distancing, mask wearing, and hand sanitizing. Non-technological solutions for behavioral interventions and deployable strategies for raising awareness of public health protective measures are encouraged.


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