New Castle COVID Cases Nearly Double, Current Active Cases is 105

COVID Update

The number of active cases in Westchester County, as of 12/22, is 8,026 cases, which is lower than the peak number of active cases, which was 8,771 on 12/15. For the first time in 9 weeks the County has seen a slight reduction in the number of active cases. By comparison, one month ago, on 11/20, there were 4,344 active cases Countywide, and two months ago, on 10/20, there were 1,049 active cases.

The number of active cases in New Castle has shot up, almost doubling since 12/11, while some neighboring municipalities have seen their active cases decrease. We currently have 105 active cases. One month ago, on 11/20, we had 51 active cases in New Castle. Two months ago, on 10/21, we had only 9 active cases.

Councilmember-elect Dr. Lori Morton has produced some charts (see image #1 and #2) that show the trend in terms of active cases locally.

The positivity rate in Westchester is 6.02% (12/21). The number of tests given was 8,910, and the number of positive cases was 536.
The number of hospitalizations in Westchester County was 353 on Saturday, which is down slightly from the peak of 372 on 12/16.
The year-to-date number of fatalities in Westchester is 1,611, including 44 people who passed away in the past week. These numbers continue to rise: From 12/6-12, 33 fatalities, and from 11/29-12/5, there were 15 fatalities.
It's good to see the numbers start to level off but remember that they have leveled off at a very high number of active cases. We must stay vigilant and not let our guard down! Continuing to wear a mask, regularly washing our hands, and carefully maintaining social distancing has helped keep the pandemic relatively in check here in New Castle. Please do NOT host or attend large gatherings during this holiday season. It's up to all of us, collectively and as individuals to do the right thing to reduce the spread of the virus!

All data related to the COVID pandemic is publicly available. Here are the sources of information:


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