New Castle's Monarch Pledge Begins!

Did you know that New Castle has committed to the Monarch Pledge?  Learn more HERE.

Thanks to Town of New Castle Conservation Board members Melanie Smith and Karen Marie Bazik who worked with the Chappaqua Library on a Milkweed project. 

Karen reports:

We had the joy of working with the Children's Library today. We planted 7 Swamp Milkweed plants. I told the children that the town had taken a Monarch Pledge. We told them that meant we promised to help the Monarch Butterflies. I told them that they were leading the way. Their parents were with them to help out and they were very interested in the pledge.

The children were excited to find a caterpillar on one of the plants ( see photo). We said that this was only the beginning. Our community would have more opportunities to help. We invited the families to the Pollinator Celebration on June 25. We also told them about the milkweed located behind town hall. Parents had tons of questions. One parent said to me, "I want to be part of the solution."


On April 5, 2022 the New Castle Town Board unanimously voted to commit to pollinator-friendly practices under the Xerces program to sustain bees and other pollinators that are responsible for the reproduction of almost 90% of the world’s flowering plant species! The Town recognizes the importance of bees, monarchs and other pollinating insects as an environmental feature, and acknowledges their endangered status, hoping to involve the community to combat the effects of urbanization, pesticides, and habitat loss.  

As a Bee City, New Castle has committed to hosting educational events, expanding pollinator-friendly habitats, and continuing to revise our town-wide policies to reflect pollinator-conscious planning. These goals are described in more detail in the Bee City resolution.   

Recognizing that Bees are integral component of our ecosystem, the New Castle Town Board didn’t stop there- On April 26, 2022 the New Castle Town Board took the Monarch Pledge and passed a proclamation in honor of the Monarch Butterflies which called for undertaking a host of activities to protect and expand pollinator habitat.  Specific actions can be found in the Monarch Pledge.

Learn more HERE.


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