Westchester COVID-19 Data: 28,626 Cases, 861 Hospitalizations

Current Westchester Data (as of 4/29)

Westchester Cases: 28,626

New Castle Cases: 128
Westchester Tests: 90,987
Westchester Hospitalizations: 861

Westchester Fatalities: 1,006

New York State Cases: 299,691
New York State Tests: 872,481
New York State Fatalities: 18,015

The County Executive has begun reporting on a new statistic “active cases,” which is defined as the total number of positive cases, minus the number of positive cases two weeks prior, since it is believed that the virus resolves within two weeks.  There are 7,679 Active Cases, which is slightly fewer active cases than the County had one month ago, which is evidence of a flattening of the curve. Here is New Castle we have 42 active cases. Further evidence of a flattening of the curve can be found in the number of hospitalizations – as of 4/29 we have 861, as compared to 1,196 hospitalizations two weeks ago.  We mourn the loss of over 1000 of our fellow County residents. Our hearts are broken.

While we are encouraged by these numbers, we are aware that the curve has flattened at a very high rate. We are not in the clear. We must remain vigilant – stay home, stay safe, stay the course.

Contact Tracing
Westchester County will be liaising with New York State in order to develop a robust contact tracing program. The County Executive’s office is working with the Bloomberg initiative to develop an early program which can be replicated throughout the State.

Antibody Testing
At this time, the Westchester County Department of Health does not recommend antibody testing for individual use. Health Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler spoke with chief elected officials on Monday 4/27 and provided the following guidance: antibody tests do not tell you if you are immune to the virus; they do not give you an indication that you can go back to work; they do not tell you when you can be in contact with others.

We understand that many residents today received an email from CareMount Medical Group regarding the availability of antibody testing at all urgent care locations. The purpose of this testing is to determine whether you might be a potential plasma donor and to check for population-wide prevalence, for the purposes of public health research.

If you choose to be tested, you MUST continue to adhere to the Governor’s Executive Orders regarding social distancing.


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