Westchester COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 by the Numbers

Westchester Cases: 30,905 (+197)
Westchester Tests: 107,466 (+2,224)
Westchester Fatalities: 1,191
New Castle Cases: 165; 13 Active (ie: positive result in last two weeks)
New York State Cases: 330,407 (+2,938)
New York State Tests: 1,121,543 (+31,627)
New York State Fatalities: 21,045
Hospitalizations: 716 (as of 5/5)
More information: https://covid19tracker.health.ny.gov/


Apply to Work as a Contact Tracer

Westchester County is piloting one of New York State’s first contact tracing initiatives. Individuals interested in working as contact tracers can apply at this linkhttps://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/get-involved-how-you-can-help

Expansion of Antibody Testing

Antibody testing is currently being conducted by the County at the Westchester County Center for First Responders. Over 1500 tests have been administered to date. In addition, Northwell Health is launching a new antibody testing program with two locations: Northern Westchester Hospital and Center for Health and Wellness at Chappaqua Crossing. Testing will occur in phases, beginning with first responders and essential workers, and eventually expanding to include public testing. More information, as it becomes available, will be shared in the Town’s newsletter.
Note: Eagle-eyed readers will note that our numbers dropped from Wednesday’s newsletter to today. The New Castle number in the Wednesday newsletter included some bad data -- apparently some of the anitbody positive tests got reported with the COIVD positive tests.  As a result, our numbers dropped from 216 to 165. 


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