New Castle Supervisor's Report: Phase 1 Reopening Guidelines

Phase One Re-Opening

On Tuesday, May 26th, New York State gave the Mid-Hudson Region the green light to begin to re-opening in 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: Construction; Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting; Retail - (Limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off); Manufacturing; and Wholesale Trade.
  • Phase 2: Professional services; finance and insurance; retail; administrative support; real estate/rental leasing. (Not Started)
  • Phase 3: Restaurants/food services; hotels/accommodations. (Not Started)
  • Phase 4: Arts/entertainment/recreation; education. (Not Started) 

For those industries included in Phase 1, The State has released re-opening guidance, including Summary Guidelines by Industry, Detailed Guidelines by Industry (which must be affirmed by the business), and Business Safety Plan templates. Please see: If your business is re-opening in Phase 1, you must adhere strictly to the health and safety guidelines.

Phase 2 Re-Opening Guidance Released

On Thursday, May 28th New York State released guidance for industries set to open in Phase 2. Phase 2 includes the following industries: All Office-Based Jobs, Real Estate Services, Retail – In-Store Shopping, and Limited Barbershop and Hair Salon Services.

Please remember, the Mid-Hudson region is still in in Phase 1. The earliest that Phase 2 could begin is June 9th, provided that the region does not backslide on any of the NY Forward metrics. That said, to the extent that these guidelines are helpful to you in thinking about what will be required to re-open, you can begin reviewing and planning with this guidance in mind. The guidelines are subject to change, and in fact are likely to shift based on lessons learned and best practices from those regions that are entering Phase 2 today.