New Castle Supervisors Report: Black Lives Matter!

I want to start by saying this: Black Lives Matter. On Monday night, the Town Board, the Town Administrator, and I all attended the special online Board of Education meeting to discuss the racist incidents that have occurred in our schools and our community. We are angry. And I, as Town Supervisor, am furious.  This community has failed to uplift and protect our black and POC neighbors. We have failed. And my commitment, as your Town Supervisor is to act, effective immediately and without delay, to right the wrongs of the past. Not just now, or for the short-term, but as permanent change for future generations. 

This cannot wait. One of the messages loud and clear from last night to the Board of Education was “Don’t sweep this under the rug! Don’t be a bystander! Do something!" Rest assured, I was listening. And now, I am acting. 

The Town Board is working quickly to establish a Council on Race and Equity. This task force will be led by Black and POC community members, and will work diligently over the next 3-4 months to create an Action Plan. They will host listening sessions to gather feedback and generate ideas from the community. And they will report back to the Town Board and to the community on their recommendations. There will be full transparency and accountability. You will be informed every step of the way. 

I do not know all the details yet. We are still in the process of forming this Council. What I do know is that this council will be led by black and POC community members, and we will seek to include the youth voices, so that we remain in touch with what they are facing on a daily basis in our community. I also know that we need your help. 

And so, we are putting out an open call for volunteers. I encourage all of you, community members of all backgrounds, all beliefs, and all identities, if you are interested in joining us in doing this work, if you are committed to racial justice and taking action…please complete the volunteer questionnaire (https://zfrmz.com/3vLW6tIhzEu2oHtesqJK). Thank you.


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