New Castle COVID Report: 6 New Cases Since Monday

According to the latest map, there are 1,350 active cases in Westchester County, 20 of which were in New Castle.

  • One week ago: 1,150 Countywide, 14 in New Castle
  • Two weeks ago: 1,033 Countywide, 10 in New Castle
  • Three weeks ago: 868 Countywide, 9 in New Castle
  • Four weeks ago: 678 Countywide, 5 in New Castle.
  • The positivity rate in Westchester is 2.0% (7 day rolling average), 2.5% (yesterday).

Since Monday, 6 new cases were added to the number of active cases in New Castle. We don’t know much about the new cases, and at this point we do not believe they are associated with a cluster. One fact I can share is that WCDOH reports that among the active cases 4 are from a single household.

I’m hearing anecdotally about Halloween parties that happened this past weekend where young adults were hanging out in medium-sized groups in basements without masks. THIS MUST STOP! We must act like a community in order to stop community spread! We are all required to do our part.


  • Wear a mask. It’s the law.
  • Maintain social distance.
  • No gatherings of more than 50.
  • Quarantine as required.

All data related to the COVID pandemic is publicly available. Here are the sources of information:


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