The New and Improved Breezemont Day Camp

This week I made a trip over to Breezemont Day Camp in Armonk, and let me tell you, I wish I were back in 5th grade. This camp has everything a child (or a 27 year old adult) could possibly want. Breezemont recently exchanged hands and the new owners are sprucing up camp like you wouldn't believe.

The camp was originally called Camp Alyssum in its first year of operation (summer of 1936). It was renamed Breezemont in the mid 1950s. Prior to the construction of Route 684 the camp was over 40 acres. Now camp lies on a gorgeous piece of 15 acre property, nestled in its natural surroundings

Tennis, basketball, paddle boarding, kayaking and art were just a few of the activities I was told about by one of the new owners, Gordon, during my visit. Breezemont is the only camp in Westchester with its own lake. How cool is that? The kids can use the lake for everything from swimming to fishing.

Remember brining pb&j everyday to camp when you were a child? Me too. This doesn't happen at Breezemont. Breezemont provides delicious, well-balanced meals every day for lunch. They have their very own chef and kitchen. A certified nutritionist designs the menus to be child friendly with a large variety of options, but at the same time they are very aware of allergies and the special needs of their campers.

Not only is the food fantastic (ie. spaghetti and meatballs with green beans and pudding) but so is the staff. Breezemont's staff is comprised of highly skilled and experienced leaders, teachers, instructors, coaches, and counselors, who have the maturity, dedication, energy, and passion needed to create life-changing summers. Their counselors complete a rigorous interview and application process to ensure they are patient, organized, responsible and kind.

I can't wait to go back and see the camp in full swing this summer! For more information on Breezemont Day Camp please visit their beautiful and very informative website.


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