June 26 Reopening for Westchester County Pools, Croton Point Park and Playland Beach

Parks and Recreation Update 


Westchester County has announced that they will open County pools on Friday, June 26th at Saxon Woods and Sprain Ridge. Playland’s pool will not reopen per current guidance regarding pools in proximity to beaches. Please note that the guidance that allows local governments to re-open public pools does not extend to private swim clubs, which are still considered part of Phase 4 of the re-opening plan. The Town is advocating with the County and State to accelerate this timeline, since we do not operate a municipal pool and we feel strongly that our local clubs are well-equipped to enforce social distancing.


Croton Point Park and Playland beach will reopen on June 26th; Playland beach will adopt its typical summer schedule, remaining open from Tuesday to Sunday.


Westchester County is closing Croton Gorge Park this weekend in light of continued issues enforcing parking regulations and social distancing at the park.


Westchester County’s Bicycle Sunday is extended through the summer in response to popular community request and our successes in adopting and enforcing social distancing during previous Bicycle Sunday outings.


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