The Take or Leave It Shop OPEN this Saturday, July 25!

The Take It or Leave It “shop” (TIOLI) is a place where residents  can leave usable things they do not want, and pick up things they can use.  No money is involved – everything is free.  Location: 1st left after you enter the station parking area from South Greeley Avenue.

The Take It Or Leave It will open, weather permitting, on Saturdays, from now through October. Drop-offs will begin at 8:30am, and will end at 11am.  Please drop off items as early as possible. Shoppers will be welcome from 9am to 11:45, when volunteers start packing things back into the shed.  Only New Castle residents may leave things, because we have only limited room in the shed and everything must be stored there if not taken by 11:45.  Shoppers may include out-of-towners.  Note: we usually have a large quantity of drinking glasses and a huge number of games and puzzles.
Because of the continuing Coronavirus situation, everyone, volunteer staff members included, must wear masks, and must maintain social distancing.  TIOLI is not classed as essential, and we will have to close if these rules are not followed.  Only a few shoppers will be allowed in the shed at any one time, and access to the enclosed area will also be limited.  Each shopper will be allowed only 15 minutes to shop so that social distancing can be maintained.  Gloves will be encouraged, and hand sanitizer will be provided. Customers are asked not to touch things unless they are planning to take them.  There are new traffic configurations for drop offs and new areas for the tables and goods.    
Please note these updated rules: NO books, clothes, cassettes, electronic equipment or things in poor condition (including chipped china) will be accepted.  NO pillows, upholstered furniture, or stuffed toys.  NO items heavier or bulkier than one person can handle.  NO car seats, cribs, bed frames, large exercise equipment or skis.   Staff volunteers will have the right to refuse items.  Children must be supervised, and please, no strollers or dogs.


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