New Castle Announces Final Public Hearing on DGEIS

On February 23, 2021, the Town Board will hold a 6th and possibly final public hearing on the DGEIS. Register HERE

Since receiving the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) for the Form Based Code, the Town Board has held three community engagement sessions on the Form Based Code, at which we took questions from the public, and five public hearings to date, starting on October 20th. We have held three Work Sessions to review feedback on the Form Based Code. The Town Board has intentionally slowed down our process because it has been important to us to hear all community voices and to have a robust, transparent process.
We are listening with open hearts and open minds to the feedback from the community and from interested agencies. Please remember, the “D” in DGEIS stands for draft. This is a DRAFT. All of the substantive comments received through the public hearing and public comment processes will be reviewed by our professional consultants, as required under the SEQR process, must be responded to in writing in the FGEIS. 


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