Thanks to Chappaqua's Bravest who Battled Blaze at Chappaqua Home

Town of New Castle Supervisor, Rob Greenstein offers thanks to first responders who battled a blaze at a home in Chappaqua on Sunday, January 13.

"Our volunteer firefighters responded to a blaze at a home in Chappaqua. It was a freezing cold afternoon, and I’m confident that there were many warmer and safer places these brave firefighters would have rather been. But they responded as we knew they would. They put their lives on the line, as we knew they would. They were there for the homeowners, as they always are. Our volunteer fire departments are a very special breed of women and men. Trained at the same level as paid firefighters, they are at our homes when there are fires, floods, medical emergencies, even fallen trees. They are at the ready, every day!" says Greenstein.

*Image courtesy Chappaqua Fire Department Facebook Page.



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