Darien Artist's New Submerged Garden Underwater Emerges at Solo Exhibit in Greenwich

oil and encaustic painting 50x36

Award-winning Artist Andrea Bonfils releases new captivating imagery from her underwater photography series Submerged Garden in her solo exhibition “Botanical Refraction” at the Isabella Garrucho Fine Art Gallery in Greenwich.
Isabella Garrucho has been art advisor curating important private as well as corporate collections at Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. Gallery co-owner Alex Trimper, artist and ex-investment, manages daily operations.
The “Botanical Refraction” exhibit features new underwater floral photography demonstrating the change in direction of light passing through one medium to the other. The refraction theme is also represented in her Nest Collection: table top or wall mounted photo montage sculptures, capturing birds in flight, floating flowers, people or butterflies in three transparent acrylic panels that are layered, allowing the viewer to feel as if they are adventuring through nature. 
Bonfils’ interprets the essence of her subjects as she utilizes various mediums and pioneering photographic techniques. Her use of kaleidoscopic colors, takes the viewer through the looking glass into an ethereal paradise. Her abstract trees and birds or underwater floral motifs and human forms in photography, mixed media and encaustic (beeswax and resin) paintings will also be exhibited.
"In all of my explorations, I’m primarily drawn to the wonders of nature and our humanity within; the stunning perfections and imperfections of the world. I’ve spent countless hours following majestic bands of wild horses, staring above in bird sanctuaries or submerged while documenting color, mood, fluidity and light in underwater movement”
Bonfils is proud to work with Isabella Garrucho and Alex Trimper, whom she met at an auction she participated in benefitting the Greenwich Riding Trail  Association.
 “Isabella contacted me with a lot of excitement, particularly for my Submerged Garden underwater series and and photo montage images. Her vision along with Alex’s, the gallery director, are very compatible with mine. The concepts for large-scale installations and sculpture, as well as the uniqueness of my images, really seemed to move them. Both Alex and Isabella are well versed in what can and can't be found in the art world, and they wanted to be the first to show the Submerged Garden Series to a wider audience on several commercial platforms (ie Artsy, 1st Dibs, etc). Great synergy in the art world is immensely gratifying!”
Andrea currently resides in Darien, Connecticut. In addition to IGFA she is represented by galleries in New Mexico, California, and South Carolina. Andrea’s work can be seen in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Encaustic Art, major art fairs, and private and corporate collections worldwide. 
Submitted by Cos Cob, CT

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