Ending in 5 days: Stamford's Laurel House Crowdfunds to Help Those with Mental Health Challenges

Stamford's Laurel House (https://www.laurelhouse.net/) is crowdfunding to purchase an interactive whiteboard for their clients who are working through mental health challenges. 

See their project here

With an interactive whiteboard…

• Laurel House workshop participants will experience videos such as TED Talks, music, theater, art, even books, to stimulate their creative juices, expose them to new ideas, and help them to express themselves more effectively through writing and art.

• Thinking Well (cognitive remediation) instructors will combine state-of-the art delivery of our therapeutic program that addresses long-term cognitive impairment with interactive group sessions, to solidify the skills worked on 1:1.

• An interactive white board will introduce participants with limited computer skills to the digital communication needed in today’s world, for further education, employment, and engaging in their local communities as well as the broader world.



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