Leading Greenwich, CT Skincare Practice Welcomes New Aesthetician

Lisa Wynne Salvatore, long time renowned aesthetician and wellness practitioner, is proud to announce the addition of Chrissy Innominato, former San Diego, CA based aesthetician, to her downtown Greenwich practice.

“I have known Chrissy for 25 years,” says Salvatore. “She is an extraordinary technician with 18 years of experience as an aesthetician, who combines Reiki or energy healing, in her work.”

Innominato joins a practice that for over 35 years has provided an extensive roster of clients, including celebrities, with some of the most top-notch, cutting edge skin care and treatments in the area.   Nationally licensed in a highly specialized background of aesthetics, physiognomy, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and meditation, Lisa Wynne Salvatore has created the pinnacle of superior skin care treatment now highly sought after.   Salvatore creates individualized and customized treatments that use no chemicals or short cuts, only certified organic and wild crafted products along with a labor intensive, whole person approach.

“My practice is to identify, isolate and thoroughly examine a person’s skin first and then call on my specialized and diverse background and knowledge in the psychological, environmental, physiologic and dietary factors that affect skin,” she says.   It is Lisa’s expertise in physiognomy in particular - the practice of assessing a person's character or personality from their outer appearance—especially the face – that provides the “truth and consequence of skincare,” as she puts it, in regards to a person’s overall health.    


What sets Salvatore’s practice further apart is that everything she uses is cultivated organically, or wild-crafted, never tested on animals and preserved naturally without the use of

harmful chemicals and synthetics.    Clients benefit from treatments that use Lisa’s own highly

acclaimed, proprietary blends of herbal and aromatherapy healing oils, including an anti-aging formula composed of 17 different components.

“Whether it’s women, men or teens and regardless of age or skin type, the demand for my services with its’ focus on anti-aging and skin sensitivity, has never been higher,” she says.

Innominato’s appointment means extended hours for the practice, which is open Monday through Sunday, 7 days a week, by appointment only. Chrissy’s own extensive experience, as well as her training with Lisa herself, means she will be able to provide services that range from acne treatments in teenagers to Lisa’s own cutting edge facial technique.





As a health and wellness practitioner for over 35 years Salvatore offers her clients a wide array of interdisciplinary holistic services that include aesthetics, nutritional counseling, massage therapy and meditation and mindfulness instruction. She is the creator of a revolutionary organic deodorant product called Pure PitzTM, cultivated organically, never tested on animals, and preserved naturally without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetics. Lisa is also an ardent animal activist, with a special focus on elephants, and in 2016 was appointed alternative health care advisor to the world renown animal welfare organization Wildlife SOS www.wildlifesos.org For more information please contact Lisa at 203.622.4772.


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