Creativity Connects Greenwich: Meet Felicity Kostakis, Artist, Teacher, Bruce Museum Board of Trustees

Creativity Connects Greenwich

What fuels a vibrant, connected and creative community? What makes people feel good about living in Greenwich?

When locals share the creativity that they uncover in the nooks and crannies of their community it brings about connectivity and makes us all feel good.

Believe it or not, you discover creativity every day as you walk, shop, work, and play in Greenwich. 

Creativity connects us.

Meet Felicity Kostakis, Greenwich artist and art teacher, member of the Bruce Museum Board of Trustees.

Tell us about an organization in your town that makes you feel good

As an art teacher and artist living in Greenwich, I am deeply passionate about education for children of all ages and the visual arts in our community. The Bruce Museum is a very special place in our town, and our historic Museum is now undergoing some transformative expansions and renovations. Perhaps the most exciting (especially for me), will be the dramatically strengthened educational capacity of the New Bruce for students, pre-school through high school, from a wide range of communities in Fairfield and Westchester Counties as well as New York City.

Currently, the Bruce accommodates 25,000 students each year from public and private schools, (to be 50,000 when the New Bruce open!), including many from public schools in underserved communities who travel by buses to spend hours at the Bruce immersed in art and science. For many, a trip to the Bruce Museum is the first time a student has visited a museum! The sense of joy and wonder these students experience is so compelling. I have observed it many times, myself, as a Bruce volunteer and friend.

Where do you go for inspiration and creativity?

My studio, of course! As an artist and art teacher, I firmly believe that art has the ability to empower and bring meaning to students' lives as well as the lives of others. Furthermore, research shows that art therapy can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, which are omnipresent during this pandemic.

What do you love about your community?

I love how people who love Greenwich have come together in such trying times. Last May, when schools were no longer in session, I wanted to find a new way to channel their creative expression...I wanted to give students a social and emotional outlet during this time of uncertainty. So, I approached two amazing women, Lily deJongh Downing and Cricket Lockhart, who love the arts and are passionate about the Bruce Museum, to join me to serve as judges for the Bruce Museum Junior Art Competition 2020: Seeing and Feeling During the Pandemic. We invited local children in Kindergarten through eighth grade to use their creativity to share their unique experiences during this unprecedented health crisis. A child discovering their creative talents can bring feelings of relief, adventure and empowerment. The Museum’s invitation resulted in more than 80 submissions, each piece of art more touching and heartfelt than the last. As jurors, Lily, Cricket and I were so very impressed with all the entries we received. Our hearts go out to these children as they deal with the pandemic and uncertainty in the world. Their works were amazing, unique and compelling...they showed powerful expressions of how to depict truth, emotion and beauty through art. I was so very proud of all the submissions...they were all fabulous and to me they were all winners!

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