New Proposed Greenwich Avenue Project Aims to Improve Safety, Accessibility, and Parking

On January 20th, 2021 Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works presented a potential intersection improvement project on Greenwich Avenue at Planning and Zoning’s pre-application meeting. 

During this public open forum discussion, the Department of Public Works shared the conceptual plans to improve safety, accessibility for those with disabilities, and aesthetically revitalize the intersection at Arch Street and Havemeyer Place  – an area heavily trafficked by both vehicles and pedestrians. Currently, the proposed plan adds three new parking spaces to the Arch Street and Havemeyer Place intersection.

In this meeting parking along the entire Greenwich Avenue was discussed. There are various concepts under review for potential future projects on Greenwich Avenue which could result in an overall reduction in parking, but all of these projects are only in the conception stages which are subject to change as design concepts are reviewed and revised. The current focus is the Arch Street and Havemeyer Place intersection, which will increase parking.

The helpful feedback provided by the public during the pre-application meeting has given the Department of Public Works the opportunity to continue to evaluate community needs and to further modify the project’s plans. At this time the primary focus is on the Arch Street and Havemeyer Place intersection and the Department will continue to look at improvements at the Grigg Street and Fawcett Place intersection. Since the pre-application meeting, the team is exploring opportunities to create more parking spaces and accommodate outdoor dining. There will be additional opportunities for the public to be involved in this process prior to the completion of construction.

Key features of the proposed Greenwich Avenue, Arch Street, and Havemeyer Place Intersection Project include:

  •          Three new parking spaces
  •          Reduce distance pedestrians need to cross the intersection
    •    Decrease the distance and time it takes to cross Arch Street by up to 76%
    •    Decrease the distance and time it takes to cross Greenwich Avenue by up to 51%
    •    Decrease the distance + time it takes to cross Havemeyer Place by up to 57%
  •          Improve sightlines and visibility between drivers and pedestrians
  •          Make road more accessible by flattening steep grade
  •          Install decorative crosswalks
  •          Incorporate landscaping



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