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Three questions with Lory Kelsey, founder of Greenwich Matchmaker.

Why did you start your business?

Every few months I would type in "Greenwich Matchmaker" since I live in Greenwich, CT, and was hoping there was a matchmaker who was out in the suburbs here for myself as a busy divorced lady raising two daughters. They were all in New York City. I wanted to work with someone that was closer to where I lived. I realized this was an opportunity for me to step up and fill a void. My background is in Social Work and Psychology with an MSW from Fordham.

I had worked for a dating service in my 20's as an employee. Long story short, I became the Greenwich Matchmaker! So for 18 months I actively interviewed ladies from this area to build up a Matchmaker's Database. That was back in 2012. I now cater to both gentlemen and lady clients and collaborate with matchmakers nearby as well as across the country to create amazing matches! I'm now celebrating 10 years in business orchestrating many successful relationships and am a Certified Matchmaker! And it's done the old-fashioned way: confidentially and all offline! I cover the territory of Manhattan to Westport in general and am based here in Greenwich.

What is your best-selling product/service?

People like the old-fashioned offline relationship of having a professional matchmaker work with them confidentially out of the public eye. You're not alone trying to navigate the online dating world and wondering what to do in the fast world of online dating apps. Many online may say they "like" you but have only viewed your profile for a split second before swiping left or right.

Alternatively, if someone is coming to me having been divorced after a marriage of many years or widowed not expecting to have to date again, we can take it slow and gradually ease into meeting suitable introductions. I offer dating and life coaching options to make this transition easier and take the pressure off.

Have you "reimagined" your small business?

When I first started this business, I felt like if I didn't have a particular person in my database or through my social network then I would just have to wait until they surfaced as a match for my Client. Now matchmakers collaborate seeking particular individuals with requested qualities. Translated, this means that if you're open, I can recruit possibilities for you from areas as far away as London, Toronto, Miami, LA, or continental Europe and everywhere in between.

The possibilities are endless! You can even be introduced where you're on assignment away from home or have a second residence. It means exponential match possibilities for the client. It is magical and makes for even better quality matchmaking overall. I'm constantly seeking ways to enhance the matchmaking experience for my clients to find Love and their Forever Person.

Lory would like to nominate Katie Fong Fashion Designer to be featured next!

Visit Greenwich Matchmaker online here, and make sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages as well!

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